Amazing cosmetics velvet mineral powder foundation - Make up school in new york.

Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Powder Foundation

amazing cosmetics velvet mineral powder foundation

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Amazing challenge

Amazing challenge

Since the stamps that I used for the previous challenge were still on my table, I decided to make a card for Angie, my mother's caregiver. She is amazing because she gives my mother quality care and still finds time for her love of gardening. Perhaps her nuturing is helping my mother to "bloom" under her care. I plan to place a magnetic strip in the back so that Angie can display the card, if she chooses to.

amazing P&J

amazing P&J

I am making an album for my brother in law who is getting married soon, using photos he took. (Don't tell, it's a surprise!) He has taken some amazing photos on their trips- very creatively inspiring and a joy to work with.
All stamps hero arts (on bird, top R and flourish tissue cast). My Minds Eye paper, Heidi Swapp sticker, making memories letters. Photos taken by Pete

amazing cosmetics velvet mineral powder foundation

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